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92. 10 Tips for Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile

July 27, 2023 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
92. 10 Tips for Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile
Show Notes

Ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level? In this video, we'll share 10 expert tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create a powerful profile summary, choose the perfect profile picture, and leverage LinkedIn marketing strategies to boost your professional network. 

3 Key Takeaways

  • Use amazing visuals to look the part of a professional
  • Make sure your info is up to date and ON POINT, people don’t like searching very long for who you are and what you do
  • Telling stories gets viral posts, people are on social media to connect, and what’s the best way to connect with you…hearing YOUR STORIES


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Jim Schubert is the CEO of Southern States Insurance, one of Georgia's largest independent insurance agencies. He is a nationally recognized author and podcast guest contributor appearing in Insurance Journal, Independent Agent Magazine, Insurance Business America Magazine, Best's Review, and Applied Systems.

Jim is a passionate advocate for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent insurance agents. He loves sharing ideas about agency growth, digital marketing, and the lost art of human interaction.

Jim is also the creator of Agents Growth Academy, an online resource for insurance agents and agency owners who want to take their growth to the next level. And when he needs to take a clarity break, he is either behind a camera lens in the great outdoors or teaching aspiring shutterbugs how to take beautiful nature photography at Schubert Photography.

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