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82. How to Grow Your Business Starting with the Clarity Principle

January 17, 2023 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
82. How to Grow Your Business Starting with the Clarity Principle
Show Notes Transcript

With 32 years of experience in the insurance industry, Morris Sims knows the importance of building your business on lasting principles. For this episode of Agents Growth Academy, Morris shares with host Jim Schubert his “Clarity Principle” and how you can use it to prioritize what really matters and foster growth. Get clear on what you want, why you want it and how you're going to get it.

3 Key Takeaways

  • This is the year to stop, pick up your favorite beverage, and start thinking ON PURPOSE.
  • Start with the end goal in mind: what does your ideal day look like? Why does it look that way?
  • What you do with must be fueled with passion and emotion–otherwise, you won’t want to get out of bed every morning. 


The Business of Sales podcast with Morris Sims



The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey

Darren Hardy’s Sunday Planning System

The Entrepreneurial Operating System by Ignacio Aguiler

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Legendary by Tommy Breedlove

About Morris Sims

Morris was an agent and manager for NYLIC before he was asked to go into management 32 years later as the VP and Chief Learning Officer in charge of training 12,000 agents and 500 managers with a staff of 200 nationwide. 

Now, Morris runs Sims Training and Consulting, helping business owners grow their business with a clear foundation and a healthy home/work balance.

[00:00:16] - EPayPolicy is the simplest solution to collect ACH and credit card payments for your insurance agency. Guest Morris Sims is going to talk about how to grow your business.

[00:01:31] - Jim introduces Morris to the audience. It's amazing what you can learn just by running your own podcast.

[00:04:11] - Morris breaks down “The Clarity Principle” as the foundation to be able to grow a business. You've got to be clear about what you want and how you're going to get it. You can't be everything to everyone, so focus on something.

[00:10:13] - Successful people are willing to do things unsuccessful people are not willing to. The answer to that is strategy.

[00:18:48] - How does Morris coach people to get back on track? How is what you’re currently doing going to help you develop your business going forward?

[00:26:12] - Plan your work and work your plan. All successful business owners are spectacular at doing. You really do have to learn how to say no because you only have a limited amount of time. 

[00:31:40] - Morris answers the questions from AGA’s rapid fire round. 

[00:37:40] - The real key is to stop. Have that cup of coffee or that most favorite adult beverage and do some thinking on purpose.