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74. Building the Airplane While It’s in the Air

November 29, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
74. Building the Airplane While It’s in the Air
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Sean Kirby was 22 when his father handed him the insurance company and said, “Good luck!” And while Sean’s experience diving in cold turkey wasn’t the most glamorous approach, Sean is a master at adaptation and thinking on his feet. Today on Agents Growth Academy, host Jim Schubert invites you to join them to learn from Sean's experience to be open to change and new ideas. Don’t fear failure–use it to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable; push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to try new things.
  • Be creative with your solutions–do things no one has thought to do before and it will lead you to success.
  • Get used to failure and don’t let it deter you from moving on to the next new idea. Start using failure as a tool for learning!


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About Sean

Sean Kirby is a husband and father first, entrepreneur second. He was thrown into this industry in his early twenties with a sink or swim situation. From that, he has found his true passion with people: growth and connection. Sean has started (and maintains) 3 separate podcasts, all in the hopes to grow his network and learn from the best in each industry. 

While Sean runs his independent insurance agency, their goal is to build people and businesses around those people (19 entities and counting). He is currently a contestant on David Carother’s The Protégé: Season 2. He was the PIA's Young Agent of the year 2022 20 under 40 in his local area. He is growing and learning every day!

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Show Notes
[00:02:00] - Jim introduces guest Sean Kirby and his head-first dive into insurance and building relationships. 

[00:03:30] - Sean explains the why behind his title: “Building the Airplane While It’s in the Air.” You have to learn to adapt quickly and learn to bootstrap to survive. 

[00:07:00] - Sean’s secret to success in such a short amount of time has all been based on his willingness to do what no one else ever thought to do. He’s currently running FOUR podcasts to try and connect with his community. Education is a vital component of their relationship with their clients. 

[00:10:40] - Jim invites Sean to explain the origin of The Blue Collared Blueprint. Podcasts are a great outlet for building relationships! How did Sean build 19 entities and counting? Sean shows he and his wife’s side hustle renting moving totes to meet more people. 

[00:17:30] - Sean pinpoints the greatest lesson his dad has taught him in the family business: when he handed over the agency and said, “Good luck!” Sean learned to think on his feet quickly and pave his own way. If you don’t wake up every day thinking about how to grow your business, nobody else will.

[00:20:40] - Sean answers the questions from AGAs rapid fire round. 

[00:28:10] - Sean shares one final piece of actionable advice for listeners today.