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72. How to Run a Lean Agency Machine

November 08, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
72. How to Run a Lean Agency Machine
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Host Jim Schubert is joined by Will Lemanski, who outlines the moves needed to turn your business into a lean agency machine. As a fourth-generation agent who has been in the business since 2002, he knows what it takes to make an agency run efficiently and maximize everything. Create more freedom by prioritizing certain payments and budgeting using Will’s framework. Show appreciation to your employees and to your clients and become a best practices agency on this episode of Agents Growth Academy.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Pay off debts and other liabilities as soon as possible to reduce stress and increase freedom.
  • Get involved in Best Practices programs to benchmark and improve your agency.
  • Appreciate your employees by showing them that you care about their well-being each day.

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About Will Lemanski
Will is a fourth-generation agent who has been in business since 2002. He spent 5 years as a claims rep handling property, liability, and auto claims. As an agent, he bought a business in 2012 with his wife. Since then, they’ve almost tripled agency revenue in 3 years. 

Will is heavily involved in state and national BIG I association and has run a best practices agency since 2016. He went from sitting at a computer with a phone and being told to sell to managing producers, running an agency, and making it as efficient as possible. What interests him now is finding ways to run the agency more efficiently and maximizing everything.

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Show Notes
[00:00:17] - ePayPolicy is an easy way to collect credit card and ACH payments. MarbleBox is a virtual insurance processing team that outsources everything from agency bill transacting to downloads for carriers into the system.

[00:02:03] - Jim introduces Will Lemanski and lists some of his impressive accomplishment, such as how he's almost tripled his agency revenue in three years.

[00:06:29] - It’s important to take care of your debts quickly and make your employees feel valued. They are bringing a massive massage chair to the office on Monday. 

[00:15:44] - Will’s company gives $500 a month to a local charity. He loves to tell stories–that’s how you sell to people!

[00:20:23] - Will shares three crazy stories from his experience in insurance including a Pepsi-themed basement and defending a dentist whose daughter hit and killed a person.

[00:23:01] - This is a numbers-based industry. Always know your numbers and figure out what your revenue per employee is. If your revenue is low, talk to someone who’s high.

[00:25:19] - Will answers questions from AGA’s rapid fire round.

[00:34:54] - Don't compare yourself to other agents. It's not going to help you at all. The 24-hour rule in Jim’s agency gives you 24 hours to celebrate your successes and 24 hours of self-loathing, after which you get back on the horse and go.