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58. How to Write More Personal Profitalized Insurance

September 13, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
58. How to Write More Personal Profitalized Insurance
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Learn the secrets of the top insurance agents and how they grow their book of business exponentially each month from industry-leading expert David Watson. Join host Jim Schubert to hear how to write more profitable personalized insurance and use technology to streamline the insurance quoting process. David will also outline how he increased profitability for his insurance agency by using the Risk Advisor system and what it can do for your agency today.

3 Key Takeaways

  • What the top insurance agents are doing to grow their book of business exponentially each month.
  • Secrets industry-leading experts have for writing more profitable personalized insurance.
  • How independent agents can use technology to streamline the insurance quoting process.


Founders Brand by Dave Gerhardt

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller


Linkedin: @agentdavidwatson


About David Watson 

David is a partner of Mappus Insurance Agency, an independent insurance firm in South Carolina that specializes in personal and business insurance.

David is also the founder of RiskAdvisor, an insurtech SaaS tool that helps independent agents streamline the insurance quoting process and write more profitable personal lines accounts. With RiskAdvisor over the past two years, David has written over $1M in personal lines insurance premiums each year–and his goal is to help other independent agents write more profitable accounts, too.

He believes the independent agent is invaluable to the insurance buying process and is on a mission to help agents around the country grow and thrive.

The simplest solution for insurance agents to collect credit card and ACH payments

Show Notes

[00:00:02] - Jim introduces guest David Watson.

[00:02:22] - Marble Box is a virtual insurance processing team. RiskAdvisor uses Marble Box in its agency and they have done 560 tasks for them in the first month alone.

[00:06:01] - BlueLake Insurance started in 2016 and was a one-man shop. It was acquired and merged with Mappus Insurance out of Charleston. David met his business partner in Phoenix for innovation.

[00:11:28] - It's been a learning curve building a custom insurance tech product for agents. It's not for everybody, but for those who want to go more in depth and build rapport with their clients.

[00:19:18] - RiskAdvisor is focused on data integration and automated underwriting. The company has easy links and radar integration, and some agencies are already using it.

[00:20:45] - Building rapport with clients is key to winning business and developing long-term relationships.

[00:32:41] - David answers AGA’s rapid fire question round.

[00:34:44] - RiskAdvisor is writing a book on the power of storytelling and business. Being able to tell and use your story to communicate is vitally important.

[00:42:55] - David recommends taking the time to evaluate and put into place processes to protect your future time and to celebrate wins.