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54. Beat Burnout in 5 Seconds

August 23, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
54. Beat Burnout in 5 Seconds
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You agency owners out there are cramming a little too much in the everyday: pay special attention to this episode. Guest Scott Anderson is an expert coach in burnout recovery, and he’s here to share alongside host Jim Schubert how, despite its major setbacks, burnout can be a blessing. Hear how you can implement his model for de-stressing and decluttering your mind, effective in as little as FIVE SECONDS, on this episode of Agents Growth Academy.

3 Key Takeaways

  • The number one key to recovering from burnout is noticing when you’re stressed out. Be aware and listen to your body throughout the day. 
  • Take intentional recovery breaks–as little as five seconds to five minutes–and watch the habit make you present and less worried. Use your apple watch to remind yourself to relax if you need to. 
  • Reduce your daily tasks that are creating white noise in your mind by identifying what only you can do, love to do, and what will move the needle for your business.


The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer


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About Scott Anderson
Scott is a serial entrepreneur whose entry into business started when he was tasked with turning around a 3rd generation family group of construction equipment and industrial engine companies, which he was able to scale and sell at a premium.

Following this, Scott built 3 for-profit businesses, including an agency that he ran for over 25 years and later sold to his employees.

Scott also combined his business acumen with his experience as a licensed mental health therapist to establish the not-for-profit,, which develops and deploys leading-edge PTSD treatment technology in partnership with Tel Aviv University and the Israeli government.

Scott’s experience in business is matched by his premier training in coaching and therapy. He trained at the preeminent Coaches Training Institute and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (IFC).

He also graduated summa cum laude with a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska School of Clinical Counseling.

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Show Notes

[1:00] Jim introduces today’s topic and explains how Marblebox can help you optimize your schedule and eliminate burnout as an ENO reducer

[2:30] Jim introduces guest Scott Anderson 

[4:30] How can you say there are blessings in burnout?

[8:20] Scott lays out the end results that he has seen after working with businesspeople to remedy their burnout

[11:30] Scott has his clients write down every task that they do on a weekly basis and then highlight the ones that only he could do, loved to do, and that moved the needle for his business

[14:06] Has Scott noticed that the pandemic has made burnout look and feel differently?

[16:50] What are some things that businesspeople can do to remove burnout in their lives right now?

[23:30] The key to helping burnout is to be aware of it and through intentional recovery points throughout the day

[27:47] Scott answers the questions in AGA’s rapid-fire round

[30:55] Scott’s last piece of actionable advice: get a coach or a mentor