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51. Reimagine the Distribution of Organic Growth

August 02, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
51. Reimagine the Distribution of Organic Growth
Show Notes

How is lead distribution in the insurance agency comparable to Costco? Guest and independent agent Jeff Shi explains why It’s all about the way you incorporate other lead companies. Join him and host Jim Schubert to reimagine the way independent agents grow their agency organically versus through acquisition and hear how, despite the big changes happening in the insurance agency today, the role of the agent is more important than ever. 

Show Notes

[0:25] Jim introduces guest Jeff Shi and his background in insurance

[4:15] Jeff talks about the impact of struggling with mental health growing up and his wife’s mission to help kids like him

[6:50] Jim asks Jeff to explain what he’s learned about distribution and organic growth/why he founded his company

[10:50] Jeff talks about redistribution of leads to independent agents and the struggle in today’s agenting industry to get there

[16:08] The people trying to replace Geico aren’t the smartest ones in the room; focus on the top 100 broker list

[17:40] Why isn’t there interest in the brokerage space?

[26:40] Jeff gives a final piece of advice to agents: treat people how they want to be treated, and if you promise something then deliver

Know your weaknesses and strengths 

[29:18] Money problems resulted in a lack of financial discipline, but true greatness requires discipline 

[30:40] Jeff answers AGA’s rapid-fire round

3 Key Takeaways

  •  Don’t focus on replacing major companies like Geico. Instead, focus on becoming a top 100 broker.
  • The role of the insurance agent has become more important as the industry has shifted toward “replacing” the insurance agent’s role. 
  • Take another look at how you’re utilizing the resource of a potential client’s cell phone. They may be a faster way to generate leads. 




Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki 



Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Kobe Bryant video: Obsession 

About Jeff Shi 

Jeff Shi launched his insurance career as a top performing captive agent at Allstate. Along the way, he found the grass really was greener on the independent side, and co founded Quantum Assurance International and Quotehound so agents could have the home they deserve. As Chief Vision Officer at Quantum, he helped pioneer features like immediate vesting and the digital entrepreneur model that helps agents build over the next 3 year

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