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66. Client Experience for Dummies: How to Improve Relationships with Your Clients and Carriers

October 18, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
66. Client Experience for Dummies: How to Improve Relationships with Your Clients and Carriers
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Don't let the name fool you – “Client Experience for Dummies” is not a condescending guide; it's an introduction to a new way of thinking about how to serve clients, brought to you by today’s guest, Andy Mathisen of GloveBox. In a world where independent insurance agents are competing with direct-to-consumer carriers, it's more important than ever to find ways to stand out and provide value. Today on Agent’s Growth Academy, hear how GloveBox does this by providing a platform that connects agents directly to carriers, allowing for a more seamless and accurate experience for clients (including a direct way to pay bills). 

3 Key Takeaways

  • It’s more important than ever to improve communication and relationships between independent agents and their clients. Companies like GloveBox are making that a possibility.
  • Directly connect with carriers to get live data and documents and pay bills through the platform.
  • Use GloveBox to set up accounts for prospects, even if they're not currently clients, and track which carriers they use.





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About Andy Mathisen

Andy grew a $100 million dollar agency alongside his brother and Dad from 2011-2019. He started GloveBox in 2019 and is the co-host of the Cease & Desist podcast.

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Show Notes

[00:00:19] - Andy Mathisen from GloveBox is going to talk about “client experience for dummies.” Andy grew a 100 million-dollar agency with his brother and his dad from 2011 to 2019. 

[00:01:41] - Marble Box is an outsourcing company that makes it extremely easy for the client experience. It saved AGA 560 tasks in the first month alone. 

[00:03:03] - GloveBox is a new app designed to improve the relationship between independent agents and their clients, their policyholders, and their insurance carriers. The app allows policyholders to have access to live data without having to go to the carrier. And clients can pay their bill through GloveBox directly.

[00:11:06] - Create a new account from scratch for your prospects, ex dates, referral partners, your friends, and your family using the app–they don’t even have to be your client. 

[00:17:32] - Andy shares how their clients’ lives are changing because of this app. One of their partners in Florida promoted their agency app in advance to help prepare against Hurricane Ian. GloveBox will have push notifications coming out in 2023.

[00:20:00] - CSRs are taking phone calls throughout the day for simple things like “Who's my carrier?” and “ What's my policy number?” Andy’s company has connected the client with permanent access to that information so you can stop taking those calls.

[00:27:43] - Andy answers the questions from Agents Growth Academy’s rapid fire round.