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60. Using Data to Deliver Profitability in Trucking Insurance

September 20, 2022 Jim Schubert
Agents Growth Academy
60. Using Data to Deliver Profitability in Trucking Insurance
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Wes Becknell is a leading insurance agent who has grown his business exponentially over the past 20 years. Today on Agents Growth Academy, Wes advocates using data to deliver profitability in trucking insurance. He has developed a robust system that does just that. Join him and host Jim Schubert to hear how you can eliminate the need to chase money or endorsements and save a tremendous amount of time.

3 Key Takeaways

  • How data can be used to deliver greater profitability in trucking insurance.
  • How agents can better use technology to save valuable personal time and make more money.
  • Why having an abundance mentality will rise the tide of the insurance industry and bring your agency more leads. 



Atomic Habits by James Clear

Books by Patrick Lencioni

Legendary by Tommy Breedlove

Website (Give him a call or shoot him an email through their website calendar.)

LinkedIn: @wbecknell

LinkedIn: @rocklake


About Wes Becknell

Wes is a multifaceted insurance professional; he has been an independent agent, worked on the premium finance side, and both admitted and non-admitted carriers and a MGA, and has grown territories at each stop along the way. Wes generated 87% of a regional carriers’ profits on 25% of their revenues and turned in a 73 combined in a territory known for tornadoes and hail, all the while growing the top line premium.

Wes has won Marketing Rep of the Year in Texas and Oklahoma along with serving as president of the chamber 4 different terms. He has earned his CIC, CSRM, ERIS, CRIS, and has an MBA in Finance.

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Show Notes

[00:00:46] - Marble Box and ePayPolicy are valued partners of AGA. Marble Box processed over 560 transactions in one month for them. EPayPolicy reduced collections from 5-7 days to less than 24 hours on average.

[00:02:43] - Guest Wes Becknell is a multifaceted insurance professional. He has been an independent agent, worked on the premium finance side and served as president of the Chamber for four different terms. He has a long list of certifications and an MBA in Finance.

[00:04:02] - After working on the agency side, Wes went to the premium finance side. He enjoyed the process, but he wanted to solve bigger problems in insurance and help write business from a PNC perspective. 

[00:06:40] - Rock Lake Insurance is delivering profitability in trucking insurance by aggregating data to make a risk profile. They’re almost ready to drop a new, robust version.

[00:18:16] - Their number one job is to deliver profit to their partner carriers. This is how they keep their market access. It’s better to grow profitability than to grow fast where it will catch up with you.

[00:20:54] - Rock Lake is going to feed leads to individual insurance agents–including competitors–with the goal to raise the tide of the industry. There’s plenty of success to go around. Why not help each other out?

[00:23:15] - Wes answers the questions from AGA’s rapid-fire round.